Friends —

I have an important message to begin this month’s newsletter: We will not tolerate a government that actively works to prevent our citizens from voting.

The right to vote is fundamental. It is the cornerstone of our system of democracy: that government must be by and for the people. But with his attacks on the postal service and on mail-in voting, Donald Trump — the person supposedly responsible for leading our country and upholding the Constitution — is undermining our people’s right and ability to vote in November.

We cannot trust anything the Trump administration may say about saving the USPS. We cannot trust that they will not continue to make it harder for each of us to vote safely.

Trump himself has admitted that his efforts to defund the USPS stem from a desire to make it harder to handle mail-in ballots — because he knows that the more Americans who are able to cast a ballot, the more likely he is to lose in November.

Friends, we will take back our government in November. But to do it, each and every one of us must exercise our right to vote. Mail-in voting is safe, secure, and effective — and it has never been more critical. By voting at home, voters can help maintain the social distance experts tell us we need to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Most importantly, no one should have to risk their life to cast their vote.

Here in California, our governor has ordered that every registered voter will be mailed a ballot. So if you’re a Californian, the most important thing you need to do RIGHT NOW, is register to vote.

If you’re joining our team from elsewhere in the country, you can make sure you are registered to vote and apply for a vote-by-mail ballot at (then make sure your friends and family are, too! We need everyone to vote).

As wildfires burn all over California, I hope that you and your family are safe and well. I know that we will get through this crisis, too.





At the beginning of this month, our campaign received the endorsement of President Barack Obama.
Reproductive choice is fundamental to women’s fundamental freedom. I told my personal story this month.
We had four drive-through meet & greets throughout the month of August. It was great catching up with neighbors and passing out yard signs and bumper stickers.
Food insecurity is an important issue to address. Team Christy collected canned goods in August, benefiting SCV Food Pantry.
So grateful to our volunteers, who spend their free time connecting with voters. Together we’ll take back CA-25!

Christy Smith is running for Congress in California’s 25th Congressional District. A longtime community leader, Christy lives in Santa Clarita with her family.