Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Aliso Canyon disaster, the massive natural gas blowout that released more than 100,000 tons of heat-trapping methane into the air around Porter Ranch and sickened residents.

In August, the Trump Administration overturned a major 2016 climate-change regulation in which oil and gas companies monitor and limit methane leaks from wells. Aliso Canyon has some 115 wells and it should be noted that the October 23, 2015 blowout was caused by a faulty well casing. …

“Four out of six of us could have been impacted by the budget constraints in question in these false ads, but none of us lost our jobs during Christy’s tenure on the School Board, thanks to her advocacy.” -Marisa Cohen, Tina Daucher, Katherine George, Hilary Hall, Janel Motter, and Melanie Musella, Newhall School District teachers saddened by false attacks on Christy Smith.

We are a bipartisan group of Newhall School District teachers condemning Mike Garcia for peddling false attacks against Christy Smith, who has been a strong education advocate for teachers, students, and families her entire career. Recent ads allege…

Friends —

I have an important message to begin this month’s newsletter: We will not tolerate a government that actively works to prevent our citizens from voting.

The right to vote is fundamental. It is the cornerstone of our system of democracy: that government must be by and for the people. But with his attacks on the postal service and on mail-in voting, Donald Trump — the person supposedly responsible for leading our country and upholding the Constitution — is undermining our people’s right and ability to vote in November.

We cannot trust anything the Trump administration may say about…

Christy Smith for Congress

Christy Smith is running for Congress in California’s 25th Congressional District. A longtime community leader, Christy lives in Santa Clarita with her family.

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